Inauguration of the "FOLM - From nature to the labor market" project and discussions about an innovative educational model. On 15 May, the New Education Forum conference was held at the Social Forge in Olsztyn.
Today we can not attend to you. All the partners of the FOLM project are gathered in Poland to be able to comment on the experiences lived up to now in the project and comment on improvements for each of the participating countries.
Sunday has started the second group of young Cantabrians who will live a unique experience. "From outdoors to labor market" is a project that will develop their skills, while motivating and developing them professionally.
Yesterday, the "Outdoors Learning" training began for the first group of young Cantabrians (young people without employment, and who are not currently in the education system) in the Picos De Europa Youth Hostel (Tama) within the FOLM Project.

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