FOLM “From Outdoors to the Labour Market” - the project we have been working on since 2017, is slowly coming to an end.
On 4 July, 2021 the LIT Development Unit in Ireland hosted the Irish New Education Forum as part of the FOLM “From Outdoors to Labour Market” project, funded by the EEA and Norway Grants.
The First Vice-President and Minister of the Presidency, Parliamentary Relations and Democratic Memory of the Spanish Government, Carmen Calvo, has made an institutional visit to Cantabria, where she met the regional Vice-President, Pablo Zuloaga, and actively participated in the presentation of the FOLM project (From Outdoors to Labour Market).
Coinciding with the relaxation of the restrictions by the Covid-19 in Cantabria, our autonomous community, we have resumed the project in Spain. We have 6 exciting expeditions ahead of us, which we will finish in the last days of June. We are all very excited about this final stretch and we have returned with more enthusiasm than ever to work so that everything goes perfectly.