Excited to be back in Tama!

News Tuesday, 11 May 2021 07:21

Coinciding with the relaxation of the restrictions by the Covid-19 in Cantabria, our autonomous community, we have resumed the project in Spain. We have 6 exciting expeditions ahead of us, which we will finish in the last days of June. We are all very excited about this final stretch and we have returned with more enthusiasm than ever to work so that everything goes perfectly.

The trainers miss the nature, but especially the contact with the participants, meeting new people and being able to help them in their future plans. The rest of the team makes sure they lack nothing and support them in everything they need, so that the young people can enjoy their outdoor experience the fullest. In addition, in the middle of spring, the Bedoya Valley is beautiful, with incredible colours and we hope that the weather will also be with us in the coming weeks. There are already 331 girls and boys between 18 and 29 years old who have benefited from the FOLM project, not only from their stay in the natural environment, but also from the coaching and mentoring stages, where they acquire tools that will be very useful in the future, both in their personal and professional lives.

All the participants point out what a great opportunity their time at FOLM has meant for them, what they have been able to learn from others, trainers and colleagues, but above all what they have learned and discovered about themselves. They return to their homes and their lives with renewed energy and with clearer ideas about how to face their future and solve problems that from now on will not be a barrier but only one more obstacle towards achieving the goal that each of them have set for themselves.

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