Have to make a move! 29 year old Sandra Orlicka, first edition of the FOLM project in Warmia and Mazury participant, talks about her fears and dreams.
A project, that prepares young people to enter the labor market! Recruitment for a project that prepares young people to enter the labor market, is on! Center for Innovative Education (CIE) implements the international project "FOLM - From outdoors to Labour Market" in Warmia and Mazury. Food Bank Olsztyn is the partner of this initiative. People aged 18-29 will discover their predispositions, which will be useful in their professional careers.
Ola Sinkiewicz found out about FOLM project from a friend. ­­“We had a variety of group and individual exercises every day. They ranged from learning how to ignite the fire, use the map and the compass and find yourself in the field, to exercises that helped us with teamwork abilities. It helped me to look at my life from different perspective and made me realize that in spite of what I am thinking about myself, it is not so bad.
Project FOLM – From Outdoors to Labour Market is run simultaneously in three countries: in Poland in Warmia and Mazuria region, in Spain in Cantabria region and in Ireland in Mid West region.