From now on you can follow the FOLM project also on YOU Tube. Every week a new movie!

News Wednesday, 18 September 2019 11:45


Project FOLM – From Outdoors to Labour Market is run simultaneously in three countries: in Poland in Warmia and Mazuria region, in Spain in Cantabria region and in Ireland in Mid West region.

We have just completed pilot phase of the Project and we recruit next participants.  What is going on in the Project can be followed up at social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Starting from this September you can also observe FOLM at You Tube. We show that the Project is interesting and why it is interesting. You can see our participants and how they cope with new challenges, what new skills they acquire, what they learn and how they play and have fun.

You will also get to know our trainers and see how passionate they are in dealings with FOLM and its participants.

We will have something new about FOLM each week. But now, please switch on You Tube and watch our first film hereto

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