In this web page and other linked sites, we use our own and third party cookies for the proper functioning of the site and thus improve our services by analyzing your browsing habits.


What is a cookie?

A "cookie" is a small amount of text that is stored in your browser (such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari) when you browse most websites.

What information does a cookie store?

Cookies do not store sensitive information, such as credit cards or bank details, photographs or personal information. The data they keep are of a technical nature, statistics, personal preferences, content customization, security, etc.

What kind of cookies are there?

  • Technical cookies: These are the most basic and allow, among other things, to know when a human or an automated application is browsing, when an anonymous and registered user navigates, basic tasks for the operation of any dynamic web.
  • Analysis cookies: They collect information about the type of navigation you are doing, the sections you use most, products seen, time band of use, language, etc.
  • Advertising cookies: They show advertising based on your navigation, your country of origin, language, etc.

What are own and third-party cookies?

Own cookies are those generated by the page you are visiting and those of third parties are those generated by external services or providers such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + Linkedin, Instagram, ...

Own cookies

Here is a list of the main cookies we use:

Name of the cookie


Joomla session cookies

For example:


A cookie with many randomly arranged characters is a security cookie of CMS Joomla. These are cookies that are part of the Joomla content management system of the website that are only activated for the current session, and save the user's nickname to avoid entering it page by page.


Joomla cookie used to identify the language selected by the user


Joomla cookie of user preferences.

Third party cookies

Below you will find information about the social network cookies that this website uses in its own cookie policies:


Can I delete cookies?

Yes, and not only delete, also block, in a general or particular way for a specific domain. To delete cookies from a website you must go to the configuration of your browser and there you can search the associated to the domain in question and proceed to its removal.


Other information that may be of interest to you

You can consult the regulation on Cookies published by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection in its "Guide on the use of cookies".